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Volunteerism is a part of the healing process for our participants.

At W.A.Y.S. it is a core tenet of our belief that volunteerism is a part of the healing process for our participants.

  • Improves brain function
  • Promotes cognitive learning
  • Builds concentration and memory
  • Improves multi- tasking
  • Increases confidence
  • Helps strengthen social skills through social bonding
  • Helps to eliminate stress, depression and anxiety
  • Increases intelligence
  • Builds strong work ethic
  • Children who participate in arts programs have a higher academic performance
  • Releases endorphins reducing stress and anxiety
  • Helps to create positive body image

Volunteerism is community driven with a focus on the needs of a particular community.

Some of the partner organizations to help achieve this goal with W.A.Y.S. include “Good News Ministries Inc,” an organization whose mission is to teach young children about Christ. W.A.Y.S. gives the youth at Good News Ministries Inc., a Christmas party every year, we bring new toys, serve pizza, play games, and make crafts. WA.Y.S. participants also work with “Wheeler Mission” which is a homeless shelter for women and children. W.A.Y.S. participants serve meals to the residents at various times. For the holidays, W.A.Y.S. give the children toys and gifts to the women. W.A.Y.S. has mowed lawns for the elderly, worked in food pantries, participated in neighborhood clean ups and more.


W.A.Y.S. is always seeking volunteer opportunities. As a core part of our program, it will always be something that the youth at W.A.Y.S. are committed to doing.


Community Partners